Lonnie and Belinda.jpg
Lonnie & Belinda Riley


Board Chairman, Meridzo Center

E-mail: Lonnie.Riley@Meridzo.org

E-mail: Belinda.Riley@Meridzo.org

Office: 606-848-2766 ext. 2346

Fax: 606-848-2767

Steve and Susan.jpg
Steve & Susan Nichols

CFO, Meridzo Center

Directors, Black Mountain Worship and School of the Arts

Worship Pastors, Community Christian Center

E-mail: Steve.Nichols@Meridzo.org

E-mail: Susan.Nichols@Meridzo.org

Office: 606-848-2766 ext. 2381

Terry and Leah.jpg
Terry & Leah Tipton

Directors, Solomon's Porch

E-mail: Terry.Tipton@Meridzo.org

E-mail: Leah.Tipton@Meridzo.org

Terry Office: 606-848-2766 ext. 1302

Leah Office: 606-848-2766 ext. 2344

Fax: 606-848-2767

Chad and Steph.JPG
Chad & Stephanie MORGAN

Directors, Shekinah Village

E-mail: Chad.Morgan@Meridzo.org

E-mail: Stephanie.Brown@Meridzo.org

Office: 606-446-6005

Chance & Lindsay Moore

Chance - Executive Assistant, Meridzo Center

Lindsay - Arena Manager, The Stables at Creekside Glen

E-mail: Chance.Moore@Meridzo.org

E-mail: Lindsay.Moore@Meridzo.org

Chance Office: 606-848-2766 ext. 1281

Lindsay Office: 606-589-6910

Chance Fax: 606-506-1281

Marc, Wanda, & Jenna Hensley

Directors, Calvary Campus

E-mail: CalvaryCampus@Meridzo.org

Office: 606-633-9300

Donald & Steffanie Hawks

Directors, Eolia Christian Community Outreach

E-mail: Donald.Hawks@Meridzo.org

E-mail: Steffanie.Hawks@Meridzo.org

Phone: 606-633-2992

Drew, Leah, Chance, and Lindsay.JPG
Drew & Leah Baldwin

CEO, Meridzo Center

Directors, The Stables at Creekside Glen

E-mail: Drew.Baldwin@Meridzo.org

E-mail: Leah.Baldwin@Meridzo.org

Corporate Office: 606-848-2766 ext. 3262

Stables Office: 606-589-6910

Fax: 606-848-2767

Eric and Sissy.jpg
Eric & Sissy Rutherford

Directors, The Pond (MCDC)

E-mail: Eric.Rutherford@Meridzo.org

E-mail: Sissy.Rutherford@Meridzo.org

Office: 606-848-2766 ext. 3263

Fax: 606-848-2767

Ivan & Julie Garrett

Project Coordinators, Meridzo Center, Inc.

E-mail: Ivan.Garrett@Meridzo.org

E-mail: Julie.Garrett@Meridzo.org

Ivan Cell: 757-647-4639

Julie Cell: 757-561-1571

Office: 606-848-2766 ext. 0699

Dr. KelleY & Debbie Bradford

Directors, God's Creatures Veterinary

E-mail: Kelley.Debbie.Bradford@Meridzo.org

Cell: 352-636-4926

Tanner Marshall.jpg
Tanner Marshall

Assistant Riding Instructor, The Stables at Creekside Glen

E-mail: Tanner.Marshall@Meridzo.org

Office: 606-589-6910

Dave Schaeffer

Directors, Heaven's Door Chapel

E-mail: HeavensDoorChapel@Meridzo.org

Dave Cell: 727-698-0116

Luke n Morgan.jpg
Luke & Morgan Shubert

Directors, Lamp House Coffee Shop

Directors, Sycamore Woodcraft

E-mail: Luke.Shubert@Meridzo.org

E-mail: Morgan.Shubert@Meridzo.org

Phone: 606-894-0007