A place to retreat and reconnect with the Father.

Solomon’s Porch Retreat Center


Solomon’s Porch is the former Hospital for Lynch, Kentucky. It is now used to house ministry teams, youth groups, reunions and hold mission planning meetings. It’s also a retreat for anyone who needs to get away with God and find peace and rest in the mountains or work! Whichever the case may be. The facility also includes meeting rooms and a gift shop.

Bored at home?

How about helping me remodel a room. This is room 107 or the bunk room as some call it. It is down the second hall at the end of the first floor. Not a lot of people stay in it and you will understand why when you look at the pictures.

So get your creative juices going and help me decide on colors, how to arrange, and how to decorate. I have enclosed a 'not to scale' diagram and picuters. If you need more information let me know.

The finished product will take some time. As you can image, no teams are coming to the Porch at this time. But you can help us by helping me plan.

You can email your ideas to theporch@meridzo.org


Still Booking Reservations for 2020  
Call soon 606-848-2766!
June 28 – July 3 = 2nd and 4th floors only (2nd will house 17 people and 4th will house 22 people)
July 5 – 10 = 4th floor only will house 22 people

Please call (606) 848-2766 for reservations, current rates, booking information and dates available.



Solomon’s Porch:
Room Needs: Pillows, Pillow Protectors, Sheet Sets (full, queen – white only), Mattress Protectors (full, queen), Shower Curtains (white only), 4th floor is needing new twin bunk bed mattress (25 total)

Maintenance/Office Needs: Orange Outdoor Extension Cords, Light Bulbs, Commercial wire shelving racks, File Cabinets (4 drawers),  Liquid Plummer/Drano

Kitchen Needs: Commercial Can Openers (for large cans),  Knives (chef, paring, steak, etc.),  Knife sharpener(s), Cookie sheets,  Cutting boards (not wooden), blenders, and oven cleaner

Cleaning Needs: Lysol (great need), Trash bags (tall kitchen and black trash bags), Dryer Sheets, Bathroom cleaner, Bona Hardwood floor cleaner, Furniture Polish, Disposable gloves, Air Fresheners (glade– no plug ins please)

Local Elementary School: school supplies (pencils, crayons, paper, etc) all sizes of underwear and socks, shoes.  They also hand out food packs each weekend to 90+ students. Here is a list of items they use.  Please stick to list and NO Peanuts or other Nut items. INDIVIDUAL PACKETS OF OATMEAL, BREAKFAST BARS CEREAL (SMALL INDIVIDUAL BOXES), POP TARTS, TUNA/POTTED MEATS, VIENNA SAUSAGES, INDIVIDUAL SERVING SIZE RAVIOLI, SPAGHETTI O’S ETC. RAMEN NOODLES/Kraft MAC & CHEESE PACKETS, CANNED SOUPS (that open with flip top), ANIMAL CRACKERS/CHIPS, COOKIES/GRANOLA BARS, FRUIT CUPS ,FRUIT ROLL UPS/FRUIT SNACKS (GUMMI’S) ,JUICES BOXES/CAPRI SUNS

Lydia’s House:  Ladies underclothes (panties and bras)

Domestic Violence: Hygiene items and cleaning supplies


Solomon’s Porch Retreat Center

Terry “Bro. T” & Leah Tipton, Directors
202 Church Street, PO Box 425

Lynch, KY 40855
(606) 848-2766


PO Box 425

202 Church St.

Lynch, KY 40855​​

Tel: 606-848-2766

Fax: 606-848-2767


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