Heaven’s Door Chapel is located at Lake Cumberland Resort in Burnside, KY.  This beautiful structure is an all Cedar exterior with a beautiful interior complete with pews and pulpit.

This Chapel is the launching point of ministry to the gated community of Lake Cumberland Resort and the surrounding community.  It will be used for Bible Study, Worship Services, weddings, and a control center for teams that will visit and minister to the local residents. 


We have wonderful cooperation from the developer of the resort, Tony DelSpina and the Homeowner’s Association.  It is nearing completion with bathrooms to be installed, plumbing completion and HVAC is still needed.


Dave and Kathi Schaffer joined the Meridzo staff as the Directors of Heaven’s Door Chapel in April of 2018. They will be networking with other ministries in Pulaski county in order to provide opportunities to serve as well as resources to help those in need. If you desire to support this ministry you can donate to Meridzo Ministries and designate your gift to Heaven's Door Chapel. Please pray for the completion and expansion of this exciting ministry.

Quote from the Founder of Meridzo Center, Lonnie Riley, “Heaven’s Door Chapel will present an unparalleled opportunity to minister to a segment of society that is often overlooked.  People of all socio-economic cultures have needs particular to that culture.  This will provide a venue to assist this growing segment of our area."

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Heaven’s Door Chapel

Dave and Kathi Schaeffer

691 Roberts Bend Road Burnside, KY 42519

(Located in Lake Cumberland Resort)