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“Possibilities exist for agribusiness that could bring economic growth to eastern Appalachia and improved quality of life to its citizens.”

 – Chuck Todd, Meridzo Agribusiness Center Director

“With God All Things Are Possible” 

– Matthew 19:26

Mission Statement: 

Instill hope, create jobs, and build vibrant communities.


Vision Statement: 

We aim to foster economic growth through family farms and small business. 


Ministry Philosophy:

In the sovereign hand of God, rest the hope of nations


It is through God’s grace, entrepreneurs, business owners, and their employee’s create market place opportunities.


Under God’s authority, government’s contribution should be to foster a healthy economic environment that will allow commerce to avail.


By God’s providence, it is the responsibility of citizens to respond with an attitude of commitment and diligence, thus building vibrant communities.


On the foundation of God’s character and principles, collectively these efforts must be held to the highest standard of excellence, leading to the wellbeing of all


By these means, hope is instilled, jobs are created and vibrant communities are established. On this premise, the vision, purpose, and mission of Meridzo Agribusiness Ministry have been cast.

Meridzo Agribusiness
Agricultural Center
  • Production System Testing
  • Crop Production
  • Agri Tourism
  • Christian Giving
Agribusiness Development
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Farm Development
  • Grants


We’re currently growing Shiitake mushrooms in an old miners’ bath house. Volunteers are driving the initial effort, but locals are also being employed to provide labor and upkeep.

Our vision is to utilize existing assets & resources.The re-purposing of empty buildings, warehouses, and decommissioned coal mines for use as controlled environment growing centers. Using proven technology, properties would be fashioned to produce a variety of fruits, vegetables, specialty crops and sea food. In addition, reclaimed strip mine land might be used for use in super high density tree crop production, specialty crops and livestock enterprises.


The unique resources and assets of eastern Kentucky are conducive to development of a vibrant agricultural economy. This is not to suggest that agriculture alone is the answer to all that is to be. However, agriculture – with God’s blessings – can play a tremendous role in the revitalization of regional economic health.

Meridzo Agribusiness in the news:

For information contact:

Chuck Todd

(352) 303-8921

PO Box 668

Lynch, KY 40855 

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