COVID-19 Announcement

Dear Loved Ones,

This has been a very unique past few months for our country and across the world. It is a season of life that we have never experienced before and a season we all desire to be over soon. Things have changed drastically in reference to our prior routine of life. Many decisions have been made by our leaders within our country and health officials to protect us from the COVID-19 and are continually being made. As you know each state has put in place their own guidelines based upon their governors and state health officials’ recommendations to protect their people. In response to these guidelines for the Commonwealth of Kentucky we are very saddened to announce that we will be closing our facilities to out of state mission teams until June 10. For any teams that desire to come from within KY you will need to contact us that we may discuss some guidelines that we are requesting to be met by your team that we may protect our communities here in Eastern KY. We hope that if our status as a state remains healthy and stable, we can see our mission teams at the end of June and into July!

We have also had to unfortunately cancel all events at this time through the month of June. This includes day camps at Calvary Campus, Day camps at The Stables At Creekside Glen, Day Camp at Shekinah Village, and the Shekinah Village overnight Camp at our Partridge Facility. We are hopeful as the guidelines begin to be loosened in the ‘Phase 1’ of a gradual reopening that we can all remain healthy and enter into ‘Phase 2’ with the possibility to participate as usual in the July Camps through the Stables, Shekinah Village, and Calvary Campus. We will give an update on the status of these camps and advertise the dates as we get closer to July through our social media outlets and our web page.

This is different and trying time for all of us and your Meridzo Center Missionaries and our facilities are not exempt from these difficulties. This is the heart of our mission season as we lead from spring into summer. Much preparation leads up to these months and there is always building excitement to see our mission teams and be encouraged by them. There is much anticipation of joy and spiritual growth that is experienced through these months through hard work, faithful hearts, and a willingness to be obedient to the call of the Gospel to the ends of the earth. It is very hard to see that we will not be able to enjoy you as a mission team, our communities, and our camps and events like we had the privilege to enjoy by God’s Grace each year up until now. What does give us confidence in this time and Joy in this season is the Cross of Christ! God knows these circumstances, He is not surprised, and He has prepared a way for His name to be known even in these times through us and through you! Let us continue to desire Him more than anything else this world has to offer and serve Him faithfully while looking forward to our reunion here on earth in days to come or in Heaven upon Christ Return!




We Serve Him Faithfully as His Child!

We Love Each and Every One of YOU!

Drew Baldwin Drew & Leah Baldwin

CEO Meridzo Center, Inc.


Effective 3/15/2020 - Christian Veterinary Clinic originally scheduled for March 19th-22nd is cancelled. We are attempting to reschedule at this time.

Effective  3/16/2020 - Illusionist David Matheus originally scheduled for March 24th is cancelled. We are attempting to reschedule.

Effective 3/17/2020 - Lamp House Coffee Shop and The Black Mountain Exchange are officially carry out only! This is by government order. We encourage any wanting to order food to call the stores to place the order before your arrival. The number for the Black Mountain Exchange is 606-848-3600. The number for Lamp House Coffee Shop is 606-894-0007.

Effective 3/25/20202 - God's Creatures Veterinary Service is by appointment only and will not be doing routine vaccinations or check-ups at this time. Appointments will only be made for sick animals. For questions or appointments call 352-636-4926.

Effective 3/31/2020 - Lamp House Coffee will operate between 10am-2pm Tues.-Sat. for carry out only. The Black Mountain Exchange will operate between 11am-6pm Tues.-Sat. all food is carry out only. For more information contact Lamp House Coffee Shop at 606-894-007 or Black Mountain Exchange at 606-848-3600.

Effective 4/29/2020 - All camps on all Meridzo facilities scheduled between now and June 30th 2020 are officially cancelled. This includes Lil Buckaroo Boot Camp, S.W.A.C (Shekinah Wilderness Adventure Camp), and Camp Shekinah. These cancellations are in response to government regulations. Meridzo Center is hoping and praying that camps will be able to resume in July.


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Meridzo Center "desires to be a distribution center of God's blessings upon the communities and the people of eastern Kentucky."

- Drew Baldwin, CEO

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The Meridzo Center staff is made up of  10 full time volunteer missionary couples serving in 14 different ministries all dedicated to serving God and others. 

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The goal of Meridzo Center is simply "Help People and Share Jesus." We do this through our ministries. Each one serves as an avenue to meet people where they are, help them, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


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