Welcome Hawks family!


Donald and Steffanie Hawks are the new Directors of ECCO! Here is a brief introduction from the Hawks:

We are the Hawks family and we came here from Central VA in August of 2021. We have 3 terrific boys, Chris, 22, Matt, 20, and Caleb, 10. Our older boys stayed back in Lynchburg when we made our journey to Kentucky. Donald loved working in the emergency room prior to being a stay at home dad. He also became involved in missions work and served diligently with Hope For Appalachia until we were called to come to Kentucky. Steffanie was a special education teacher for 14 years and taught kids with special needs and more recently kids with visual impairments.

Our journey to landing in Eolia, KY is quite a God story! It is nothing short of God’s goodness and faithfulness on display. Donald visited KY on one of his missions trips and just felt the pulling to be here. He returned home in VA and the pulling never left. So we quit our jobs and said our goodbyes to our family and friends and moved to Kentucky. The Lord never stopped answering prayers for what to do next as we just walked in faith. We take no credit for any of this, all praise is lifted to our Lord and Savior for faithfully loving us every step of this journey. And this is just the beginning…

Discover Meridzo

About Us

Meridzo Center "desires to be a distribution center of God's blessings upon the communities and the people of eastern Kentucky."

- Drew Baldwin, CEO

Our Staff

The Meridzo Center staff is made up of  10 full time volunteer missionary couples serving in 14 different ministries all dedicated to serving God and others. 

Our Ministries

The goal of Meridzo Center is simply "Help People and Share Jesus." We do this through our ministries. Each one serves as an avenue to meet people where they are, help them, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ!