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Billy Graham has once said, “When we come to Christ, we’re no longer the most important person in the world to us; Christ is. Instead of living only for ourselves, we have a higher goal: to live for Jesus.”


Here at Meridzo Center we cherish our staff family and our interaction with one another. We have had the great privilege to serve along side a great servant of God. A servant who did not see themselves as most important but Christ as most important and who strived for the higher goal, to live for Christ. Kathi Schaeffer a fellow staff member, loving friend, and beloved sister in Christ has served her last days here on earth. We are grateful for the time that God allowed her to be a part of our Meridzo family!


At this time we are both saddened and rejoicing. We are sad because our Friend and Meridzo family member, Kathi (Kat) Shaeffer, has passed away and we miss her greatly. We are rejoicing because we know she is rejoicing with our Father in Heaven. Out of respect we have waited to post anything until now but you can read below the post from Kathi's husband Dave. In her memory we are changing our profile picture and cover photo to the pink women's logo for the entire month of March. We thank you in advance for your prayers in this difficult time!


Dave's post:

God is at work. Feb. 24, 2021 this saint, Kathi (Kat) Schaeffer passed from our home to our next home in heaven. She went to meet The One True Living God peacefully in her sleep with her dog Peanut beside her. Kathi has been co-director with me at Heaven's Door Chapel in Burnside Ky. A ministry of Meridzo Center Ministries of Lynch Ky. Our calling to come here began in her and has been a deep devotion in her heart. In her time here At Heaven's Door Chapel she has daily posted devotionals and Bible verses on photos that she took of the beauty of the seasons of Kentucky.


Before coming here we lived in Seminole Fl. where she was a trainer of young people on horses. She served alongside me in children's ministry at several churches over 42 years of our marriage. She loved to lead children in worship and touched the lives of an entire generation of children as her former pastor stated.


We don't have children of our own but God gave her an impact in a generation of children and young people. For many years in Seminole Fl. we lived next door to Kathi's sister Tracy Hatfield Schmoor who's 4 children are like our own. Her love is deep for all her nieces and nephews and I extend compassion to all of you on her behalf. The 4 nieces and nephew mentioned above are by age, Lauren Hatfield Davis , Leah Hatfield , Logan Hatfield and Layna Hatfield Sitton


Thank you to the Meridzo staff, Keno community and pastors here and in Florida.

Memorial Details

We will celebrate Kathi's life in a service on Saturday, March 13 at 1:00 PM beginning at Mount Union Baptist Church and concluding at Heaven's Door Chapel here in the Keno, KY community. If you need an address, please message me. Lauren and Leah will be putting together arrangements and can be contacted as well. Comfortable foot wear recommended.


Kathi loved flowers, but her desire is for those funds to be given to this ministry. On line you can donate at Meridzo Center Ministries and select Heaven's Door chapel. You will see all the ministries there including our picture.


Thank you to our friends who have responded to me in great love and compassion. I have read and shed tears to you comments of love for her. I love you all.


David Schaeffer

Heaven's Door chapel

5672 Keno Rd.

Burnside, KY 42519

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